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bathroom designs

When it comes to bathroom designs there are so many to choose from. Our bathroom is under re-construction and we have chosen a sort of modern rustic and slightly industrial look with walls that look rendered but in actuality are painted. I am a very good painter. One wall, a small one behind the toilet, is going to have a brick look wallpaper, in a dark, almost black colour. That wall will also have creeping plants on it and some cool, black letters that form the words NO RUSH. It's going to be so much fun to get into ...

A new system for the hotel

I've been looking on a hotel reservation system that I'm really thinking of getting. I think that it's going to be really great. The system we had before wasn't that good actually. So we really need a new one. But I think that the one we've found now is going to be really great. It has a lot of good features that we really could use. So I think that things are going to be a lot different here once we get that new system. It's going to be great!


My kneepain is killing me. Yesterday everything was still ok but after my runningsession my knee started to hurt so much. I think I need to see a docter. But I really don't feel like it so I wait until tomorrow. Maybe the pain will be les by than. I hope so. But I think the running is going to be over for now. That is a shame because is is just getting summer and I like to be outdoors than. I am thinking now also about Stand Up Paddling. That seems like a nice sport. Out in the water. ...